A Friend Can Not Wear Veil

Jumat, 01 November 2013
One day a friend called to wear a veil. Because a friend’s heart is steady, a friend immediately went to the store to buy a scarf Muslim clothing. After buying some Muslim outfits complete with veils various models, a friend went home happily.

When a friend got home, a friend proudly wore a friend’s headscarf. However, when a friend was out of a friend‘s room, a friend’s parents screamed. They were angry and asked a friend to immediately release the veil. A friend would feel sad. A friend will try to establishment, but a friend’s parents threatened to expel a friend if a friend's stubborn. A friend will not be recognized as if a friend still wearing the veil. A friend was crying. A friend was a poor kid in the world.

A friend did not despair. A friend asked a friend’s teacher to give an explanation to both parents. A friend’s teacher could not do anything about it, the teacher did not dare to rebuke a friend’s parents. A friend then tries to talk to cleric mosque near a friend home to persuade a friend’s parents. The cleric rejected the a friend's request.

A friend had never felt such grief. A friend felt alone who in this glittering world. Nobody wants to support a friend decision to wear the veil. Finally a friend decided to use last way. One morning a friend to a friend‘s parents and said, "Dad, Mom I love. I'm still going to wear the veil. If Mom and Dad do not allow then I'll kill myself."

Atmosphere became silent for a moment.

With a sigh, Dad said, "Oh George, you are a boy. If you are girl, you can wear the veil. But you are boy, George!"

Do not be too serious reading! Hahaha........... Ini adalah contoh spoof text.

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