Anger Is Not Good

Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

Berikut saya berikan contoh Hortatory Expotision Teks.

Anger is not good

Angry equal to not happy, angry antonym with happy. Angry harm for ourselves. So, when we angry, we should not angry. Why?

Angry can make us diseases,  example of diseases is  hypertensi and stroke That disease very dangerous, that disease can make patient death.

Angry can make us stupid or difficulty concentrating. Why does it happen?  when angry, the blood in the brain is reduced, more blood flow to the muscles, causing blood as an important in the brain is reduced. The blood as oxygen to the brain is reduced, so that people were upset can not concentrate, can not control the actions and measures of control will hurt yourself and others.

Angry that can make the muscles become tense, the body will cause fatigue. Angry only one minute like 4 hours work. Because the consequences of anger, fatigue will occur and lead to decreased metabolism. If the metabolism decreases, of course, the disease from outside will easily enter the body.

Constantly keep anger can make depression. This will trigger a series of behaviors that endanger health, such as smoking and drinking. Sometimes, people use anger to vent feelings of depression and helplessness. Anger is not a healthy natural flavors. So, if continued to be felt, our health would be endangered.

So, i think we  have not reason to act angry. And my opinion, we shoud not angry in anytime, anywhere, anysituasion, and whatever the cause. Resolve the cause of the anger and prevent that anger.

5 komentar:

  1. yes, i agree
    anger is not good :D

  2. Nah ini baru Hortatory. Setuju deh sama rekomnedasinya.

  3. Good saja deh, tidak mengerti awak. hehehe.

  4. bagus nih artikel untuk pembelajaran, khususnya anak SMA.


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