Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

What is purpose about angry? Angry is human emotion .  My opinion about angry is expression someone to soul disappointed, unhappy, unmood , full of anger, dejected and expression that result cause comfort was disturbed that a person can’t control his emotions. This is natural expression from internal and external, example problem-problem at work or school, in your personal relationship, and in the over all quality of your life. I believe everyone ever angry and I have been feel angry. When someone is feeling angry, we can see to face expression. But other people just silent and didn’t want to show anger to others. If we often angry, effect was disturbed for our body as: hypertensi, stroke etc.

Something make someone can angry, as :

1.     Something wrong with my feel. So, what I do always be wrong.

2.     Something not came with heart etc

How to handle the angry? Manner to handle the angry are: 

1.     Keep calm, if you can keep calm. All problem has been done

2.     Don’t take it personally, so the next time you start feeling tense and want to  defend yourself or justify your position, stop and remember that other people’s anger is about them

3.     Doing activity make you happy, as : listening music, sleeping, hang out with your friends

So when we are feeling angry. We must control our emotion and don’t makes other disturbed.

created by Ayu Lukitasari

5 komentar:

  1. dua postingan bahasa inggris semua..... ada apa ini???

  2. gan itu teksnya hortatory atau bukan??? kok ada cause angrynya?

  3. emoticonnya LOL. kapan mau posting meme comic???

  4. iyah ini sih bukan hortatory exposition.


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