Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012

                Football is one of substance in sport. Football has been pleasuring more people at past until now.
Chidren untilparents are happy if they watch or chat or play football, specially boy or man.

                Basicly, football consist of two team. The team consist of eleven player. And, team have four parts, its are striker to make sure enter ball to goal, middlefielder to control the game, stopper or sideback to block agression player other team, and goalkeeper to protect a goal. Football is played by player in the field 110 x 69 m. Everyone in team right for enter ball to goal. If one team has goals more than other team, then that team is the winner. If the result the match draw, then that two team play again in extra time. If in extra time draw, then that two team play again in penalties. This rule move in cup, this rule doesn’t move in league or friendly match. In short football like that.
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